We Finance Florida and The Nation

Florida Bond and Mortgage, Inc. was founded in 1957. In 1968 Florida Bond was acquired by Southeast Bank along with the Lon Worth Crow and D.R. Mead companies collectively forming Southeast Mortgage Company. At that time, Harvey Ramsey and Bob Lambert, key managers of the Ft. Lauderdale office, decided to form their own company, South Florida Bond and Mortgage, Inc. in order to continue as independent mortgage bankers rather than join the bank owned consolidated mortgage corporation. This decision was encouraged from some of their institutional lenders with whom they were granted servicing.

South Florida Bond and Mortgage grew and eventually expanded to the West Coast of Florida adding the St. Petersburg office in 1991. This expansion was the result of an introduction by one of their lenders to the future St Petersburg representatives, Buddy Lee and Del Goforth, who had been looking to align themselves with a Florida based company with servicing capabilities. That expansion to west Florida, along with subsequent expansion into northern Florida, prompted South Florida Bond and Mortgage to rename themselves, thereby reverting to their original name from 1957 of Florida Bond and Mortgage, Inc. Since then, Florida Bond and Mortgage has continued to grow and prosper to its current stature with a servicing portfolio of over $500,000,000. Looking ahead Florida Bond and Mortgage has plans for future expansion. We welcome your interest as we forge ahead to achieve our goals.